April 4, 2011

Water Room

My second nightmare, the one where I learned the most control over my dreams, was one that felt like my dreams were trying to teach me something. It all ways started out with me sliding down a water slide into an enclosed pool. the thing was covered with a roof and had holes in the side where other kids would fall into the water, trapped as I was. We would mill about, treading water until I woke up. This did not frighten me at first, but as it started repeating, I came to dread it.

This was still around the same time I was having the Wyld Hunt dream so it was a welcome change to the pure terror of that nightmare. And as I learned how to drive my dreams, it was in this dream that I found that I had the most control. I started by just looking around instead of staring in one direction so that I could now see other children ducking under the water, swimming to somewhere I could not see yet. As I grew more brave in my dreams I started diving down to see where the other children left. Turns out there are several holes or tunnels in the walls just below the water.

These ways out frightened me as I thought about them, what if I run out of air, what if it is a dead end, what if they lead to sharks? But these where the concerns of my waking self as I thought about how to control my dreams. Once I was in the dream, all I felt in terms of emotion was a feeling of content. I did not like that more of the others where diving down into the water and to the holes. The dream would also start where I was in the water already and not in the slide. Soon there would be only about 15 around me in the pool when there used to be a whole lot more.

I finally worked up the courage to dive down and swim into one of the tunnels, and anyone who knows about lucid dreaming, found I did not have much to worry about breathing underwater. That kind of thing makes you even more aware that you are dreaming and gives you more control over the dream. So I gave myself an ending of coming up near the shore of the beach just before waking up.

This Dream Travelers is not as twisted and terrifying as the first, but still had a profound effect on how I dream. I hope you enjoyed the trip into my head.


  1. was this seriously one of your dreams?

  2. Yes, it is indeed. I am twisted in the head at the young of an age 6, no?

  3. lucid dreaming is awesome, i've experienced it 2 times :D