April 9, 2011

So, this government of mine. What are they doing again?

Well I guess it is about time I went ahead and told you all that I am an American and in the Military. Seems that I might not get paid due to some 535 people unable to agree on who has the biggest dick and should be getting votes. Now I don't much care for anyone involved in politics. It is just a group of people directing how this nation should grow while trying to make their own lives as comfortable as possible, or at least this is how I see it. All I want is to be paid and live happy as a cog powering the engine of creativity and enjoyable pastimes, such as games and science. My opinion stated I will now never mention the topic of government again until something more relevant happens, like a law that stops games from being sold because of deviant themes present in them or some such nonsense.

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  1. i agree. politicians only care about their own comfort. its a job and the money and power is more important than serving the people