March 31, 2011

Thoughts On Stuff

Now I am not one that puts to much stock in religion. I would like to think of myself as a man of science and logic, thinking things through in the most rational way possible. However, I also find some level of comfort in supernatural things like magic and the like as long as it follows rules. That out of the way, I think some people can dream of the future. Not in the like some sort of magic see the future, just your brain using its pattern recognizer to guess at the events of the next day. I often will drive my dream into that state and will often make a good guess at the next days events.

I don't have much more to say on anything right now, to busy playing three games at once for the DS.

March 26, 2011

So this DS thing... It can do what now?

As I look over my brand new DS I XL I think to myself, "Where is the port for the Gameboy Advance Cartridges?"

Way back when(by that I mean 6 years ago(Holy Crap, 6 years is a long time for electronics)) I received a first generation DS for a birthday gift and set aside my GBA. I was content to play both types of games on this one nifty device, until my brother broke his DS and stole mine. After that, life got in the way of video games for me and I went on to boot camp. Life moved on for me and now I have grabbed myself a handheld system to help kill time while I wait for books to be released.

I picked up the DS I XL without doing any sort of research into what has been done for the handheld market and just assumed it was a bigger DS, now with camera. I had only heard hearsay of a camera feature for the DS and that some people had figured out how to get the little buggers online. Shows how much I had paid attention. Apparently these guys are all able to connect online as a default feature and they no longer play GBA games. Overall I feel very sad that I will no longer be able to pick up and play a GBA game anymore I like the improved capabilities of the new DS. I picked up two games for it as well, Pokemon Black and an RPG by ATLUS. I know Atlus does good things with RPGs and have been enjoying it so far and Pokemon is well, Pokemon.

As you can see Traveler, I live under a rock concerning things I am passionate about too, not just world news.

March 22, 2011

A Time For Nightmares

When I was younger I often had recurring nightmares that I could not seem to overcome. They came almost every night filling me with feelings of terror and helplessness. So I decided that I would learn to try and fight back and learn how to overcome the dreams. I did that by reading books, and not books about dreams but about heroes. I was about five years old back then, how could I have gotten books about dreams back then?

At any rate I picked up every book I could get my hands on; fantasy, mystery, science fiction, just about all types and devoured them. I spent every night thinking about how I could try and do something different in my dreams to stop them from becoming nightmares. Through sheer willpower alone I was able to become more than just an observer to the terrors that haunted me. It was only later in life after I learned to control my dreams on my own, and read more books, that I became a fully lucid dreamer at age seven. But I am getting ahead of myself, what I am here today is to tell you about my nightmares as I remember them.

The first nightmare is one that filled me with nothing but stark naked terror. I would always jolt up out of my bed when I had this dream covered in sweat and adrenalin running through my veins. It would start out simple enough, I would be sitting in the passenger side of a jeep or something like it as we wound down a pleasant path. The path would then start to go into hairpin turns with a cliff side view of a canyon. The jeep would speed up and soon I would be thrown from the jeep and into the canyon unharmed. I would feel rumbling behind me and I would turn to see a hoard of animals of all shapes and sizes barreling down at me. I was being hunted, I was their prey, I need to run, escape escape escape! The dream would always end as I trip and become over run by the white colored hoard behind me.

What I did to try and over come this nightmare was try and change things about it. I started to gain control over my dreams slowly at first. I went from being a passenger to the driver of the jeep, no longer was it gliding out of control with me along for the ride. I kept falling at the turns and into the canyon at the end, but it was a start. Things started becoming easier to influence in my dream and soon I would either keep running to the end of the canyon where it opened up so I escaped or hid in a nook until the hoard passed. The Jeep was easier to drive, and I no longer speed out of control as soon as i reached the cliff face road. The last time I ever had the nightmare, I stopped the jeep and sat at the top of the canyon and watch the hunt pass under me, snapping and chasing a different prey.

That is it for the first of three of my nightmares, Travelers. Come back next time and learn about the pool of no clear exit.

March 21, 2011

The First of Many(Hopefully...)

Welcome Travelers,

I am happy you decided to drop by and take a look at this one voice among many, as I talk about little to nothing about the world outside my head. I am weird, and work hard to stand out among my peers in an effort to shape the opinions of the people, and I do not expect that I might be able to do the same here. The internet is a vast place with many just like me, running meta-plot after meta-plot just trying to stay afloat of everyone else.

Well time to join the Legion.

On this Blog
The many topics I will cover.

  • Dreams
    • Past and Current.
    • How I came to learn how to control my dreams.
  • Games
    • What I am playing.
    • What I plan on getting.
    • What I plan on making.
  • Things I Consider to be News
    • Evidence that I live under a rock.

So if anything on this list interests you, please feel free to follow and tell your friends. I will try to post at a minimum of once a Week and post at least one dream of mine a Month. I might also do a drawing or two if I feel I am up to drawing what I have seen in my Dreams so look forward to that too.