March 21, 2011

The First of Many(Hopefully...)

Welcome Travelers,

I am happy you decided to drop by and take a look at this one voice among many, as I talk about little to nothing about the world outside my head. I am weird, and work hard to stand out among my peers in an effort to shape the opinions of the people, and I do not expect that I might be able to do the same here. The internet is a vast place with many just like me, running meta-plot after meta-plot just trying to stay afloat of everyone else.

Well time to join the Legion.

On this Blog
The many topics I will cover.

  • Dreams
    • Past and Current.
    • How I came to learn how to control my dreams.
  • Games
    • What I am playing.
    • What I plan on getting.
    • What I plan on making.
  • Things I Consider to be News
    • Evidence that I live under a rock.

So if anything on this list interests you, please feel free to follow and tell your friends. I will try to post at a minimum of once a Week and post at least one dream of mine a Month. I might also do a drawing or two if I feel I am up to drawing what I have seen in my Dreams so look forward to that too.

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