April 21, 2011

Dreams are vague.

This is a dream I get every time I move to a new place. I am not kidding, it happens every time I move home and I keep dreaming about it for a month until I get used to the new location. The first time I remember having this dream would be when I was about Eight years old and my family first moved houses.

I start out sitting on a train as we move across the tracks, passing nondescript buildings and fields. There are other people sitting down, reading or just staring into space as we pass by stuff. We get to a crossing where the road goes across the tracks and the cart i am in disconnects. I can feel that it is no longer part of the train, so I stand up and run to the next cart before this one slows down and gets left behind. Not soon after the new cart disconnects and I keep running to get closer to the engine cart. No one else in my dream seem to notice or care that they have become disconnected, as they just keep standing or sitting doing whatever.

So I keep going forward onto the next cart on this really long train as each cart disconnects and slows down a little quicker. There are several endings to this dream, three of them to be exact. The most common one is the cart I currently am on flips over onto its side, crashing but leaving me unharmed as I stand up in the rubble. Later in the month I start to get the ending where I reach the engine and ride off into the distance before waking up. The ending that shows I won't be getting the dream anymore has me pulling up to a station and getting off.

Now I don't need to have any sort of degree in psychologically to know that this dream represents a fear, then acceptance of change. Especially considering the trigger that is required to have this dream in the first place. I plan on moving a lot, at least while I am single that is, and I still get this dream when I first move into a place. I have already come to accept it as it is and willing don't change the dream as I have learned to. I look forward to this dream as part of the ritual of moving in.

This travelers is the end of my recurring dreams, any more posts about the inside of my head while I am asleep will be dreams that left an impact or tips on how to become the master of your own dreams. Until next time.


  1. That's pretty kewl having a recurring dream like that based on such a specific trigger. Thanks for sharing!

  2. The only recurring dreams I had was during high school. During exams, I would have a dream about killing my pet hamster. It's terrifying!

  3. Interesting post , I agree .. Following the site

  4. i always have a recurring dreams that is very dark (such as my own friends trying to kill me, alone forever, escaping or fighting against the monsters, blood, and etc.)

    It's not a great feeling everytime i woke up :/

    Keep it up with your blog!

  5. i know the feeling. get the same dream every three or four weeks for a couple of days...